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About ECS Telecom

Founded in 2000, ECS Telecom has experienced year-after-year revenue growth while continuously improving quarterly operating results. ECS Telecom’s core goal has been to simplify the complexities of identifying and securing reliable voice and data networking solutions and allow its customers to focus on their core business objectives. ECS Telecom has grown tremendously due our ability to adapt to evolving technologies within the Telecommunications industry and customer needs of the marketplace. We specialize in reliable, low cost voice / data connections to our many clients.


What we do

We will locate the best pricing and service in your city from the best Nationwide Tier 1 carriers. ECS Telecom has partnerships with industry leading providers that utilize the backbone of AT&T, Level 3, XO Communications, CenturyLink and other world class carriers that own their backbone and equipment infrastructure. We specialize in securing and identifying high quality, low priced voice/data services to our telecommunication customers. Real-time pricing and "Low Rate" guarantee.


ECS Telecom provides real time availability, identify providers serving your location (s) and instant price quotes, where available, confirmation and eliminate the guess work for you. Customers simply enter their information into our price quoting form and compare T1, DS3, Ethernet and Business xDSL or Cable pricing immediately. OCx, point to point, VPN and multi location circuits can also be priced rapidly and often requires confirmation on an individual ICB basis to ensure accuracy. If you are looking for a financially stable data and/or voice provider, we look forward to working with you. If curios, the provider compensates us. We will never send you a bill for our services. Please contact us as soon as possible for a one-on-one consultation.

Proud member of the ECS TelecomT1 Line Rates Network